The 6th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management
11-13 October 2005, HNA Resort Huagang Hotel, Hangzhou, China
Program Schedule (WAIM2005)

October 11, 2005 Morning


Tutorial I : "Online Mining Data Streams: Problems, Applications and Progress"

(Huanglong Hall)

Presenter: Jian Pei



October 11,2005 Afternoon


Keynote Speech I: "Challenges of Grid Computing"

(Huanglong Hall)
By Prof. Hai Jin ( Huazhong University of Science and Technology )

Coffee Break

Tutorial II : " Reasoning about Web Information Systems"

(Huanglong Hall)

Presenter: Klaus-Dieter Schewe


Conference Reception

October 12,2005 Morning


On-site Registration (HNA Resort Huagang Hotel)

Opening remarks by Conference/Pc chairs

Keynote Speech II: "What the web has done for scientific data- and what it hasn't"

By Prof. Peter Buneman ( University of Edinburgh and Digital Curation Centre )

Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions

Session 1

Session 2
Performance and Query Evaluation

Klaus-Dieter Schewe
(Massey University, New Zealand)

Xiaoyong Du
(Renmin University of China)

Huanglong Hall
Wolong Hall

#135 BBTC: A New Update-supporting Coding Scheme for XML Documents

Jianhua Feng, Guoliang Li, Lizhu Zhou, Na Ta, Qian Qian, and Yuguo Liao

#105 A Soft Real-Time Web News Classification System with Double Control Loops

Huayong Wang, Yu Chen, and Yiqi Dai


#315 Using XML Structure to Reduce Candidate Nodes Participated in Query Processing
Zhenying He, Jianzhong Li, Chaokun Wang, Pengcheng Ge, and Haikun Chen

#310 Searching the World Wide Web for Local Services and Facilities: A Review on the Patterns of Location-Based Queries
Saeid Asadi, Chung-Yi Chang, Xiaofang Zhou, and Joachim Diederich


#435 An Effective and Efficient Approach for Keyword-based XML Retrieval

Xiaoguang Li, Jian Gong, Daling Wang, and Ge Yu

#469 Self-Adaptive Statistics Management for Efficient Query Processing

Xiaojing LI, Gang CHEN, Jinxiang DONG, and Yuan Wang


#899 Subgraph Join: Efficient Processing Subgraph Queries on Graph-structured XML Document
Hongzhi Wang, Wei Wang, Xuemin Lin, and Jianzhong Li

#514 Design & Implementation of The Modified R-Tree Structure with Non-blocking Querying
Myung Keun Kim, Sang Hun Eo, Seok Kyu Jang, Jae Dong Lee, and Hae Young Bae


October 12 ,2005 Afternoon


Panel Discussion
"Database and Information Retrieval Research: What and How"

(Huagang Hall)
Panel Chair: Sean Wang
Panelists (pending to be finalized): Peter Buneman, Weiyi Meng,Jian Pei, Limsoon Wong


Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions

Session 3
Data Mining(I)

Session 4
Semantic Web and Web ontology

Session 5
Data Management (I)


Jinyan Li
(Institute for Infocomm Research,Singapore)

Minglu Li
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University,China)
Weiyi Meng
(State University of New York, USA )
Huanglong Hall
Wolong Hall
Huagang Hall

#226 Importance-based Web Page Classification Using Cost-Sensitive SVM

Wei Liu, Guirong Xue, Yong Yu, and Huajun Zheng

#187 An Approach to RDF(S) Query, Manipulation and Inference on Databases
Jing Lu, Yong Yu, Kewei Tu, Chenxi Lin, and Lei Zhang

#448 Watermarking Abstract Tree-Structured Data
Gang Chen, Ke Chen, Tianlei Hu, and Jinxiang Dong


#313 An Efficient Approach for Interactive Mining of Frequent Itemsets

Zhi-Hong Deng, Xin li, and Shi-Wei Tang

#242 Clustering OWL Documents Based on Semantic Analysis
Mingxia Gao, Chunnian Liu, and Furong Chen

#468 Location-based Caching Scheme for Mobile Clients
KwangJin Park, MoonBae Song, and Chong-sun Hwang

#345 Similarity Search with Implicit Object Features
Yi Luo, Zheng Liu, Xuemin Lin, Wei Wang, and Jeffrey Xu Yu

#325 An Ontology based Approach to Construct Behaviors in Web Information Systems
Lv-an Tang, Hongyan Li, Zhiyong Pan, Dongqing Yang, Meimei Li, Shiwei Tang, and Ying Ying

#523 Extended Derivation Cube Based View Materialization Selection in Distributed Data Warehouse
wei Ye and ning Gu

#379 An Improved FloatBoost Algorithm for Naive Bayes Text Classification

Xiaoming Liu, Jianwei Yin, Jinxiang Dong, and Abdul Ghafoor Memon

#675 A Semi-automatic Ontology Acquisition Method for the Semantic Web
Man Li, Xiaoyong Du, and Shan Wang

#908 A Framework of HTML Content Selection and Adaptive Delivery
Chi-Hung Chi and Cherie Ding

Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions
Session 6
Database application and Transaction management
Session 7
Industrial track
Session 8
Poster & Demonstration(I)
Longxiang Zhou
(Chinese Academy of Science)

Jeffery Xu Yu
(Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Xiaohong Jiang
(Zhejiang University, China)

Huanglong Hall

Wolong Hall

Huagang Hall


#449 A Deadline-Sensitive Approach for Real-time Processing of Sliding Windows
Shanshan Wu, Ge Yu, Yaxin Yu, Zhengyu Ou, Xinhua Yang, and Yu Gu

#8 Construction of Security Architecture of Web Services Based EAI
Di Wu, Yabo Dong, Jian Lin, and Miaoliang Zhu

Short Paper:





#19£®Industrial Paper)




#870 MPX: A Multiversion Concurrency Control Protocol for XML Documents
Yuan WANG, Gang CHEN, and Jin-xiang DONG

#32 Using Web Services and Scientific Workflow for Species Distribution Prediction Modeling: An Example of GRID Technologies in E-Sciences
jianting zhang, Deana D. Pennington, and William K. Michener

#415 An Index Structure for Parallel Processing of Multidimensional Data
KyougSoo Bok, SeokIl Song, JaeSoo Yoo, DongMin Seo, and MyoungHo Kim

#40 Integrative Security Management for Web-Based Enterprise Applications
Chen Zhao, Yang Chen, Dawei Xu, Nuermaimaiti Heilili, and Zuoquan Lin


Conference Banquent

October 13 ,2005 Morning


Keynote Speech III: "Integrity Theory for Resource Space Model and Its Application"

Huagang Hall

By Prof. Hai Zhuge (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Coffee break
Parallel Sessions
Session 9
Data Mining (II)
Session 10
Web Services and Workflow (I)
Session 11
Poster & Demonstration (II)
Dapeng Li
(Shanghai Futures Exchange, China)
Lizhu Zhou
(Tsinghua University,China)
Gang Chen
(Zhejiang University, China)

Huanglong Hall

Wolong Hall

Huagang Hall


#450 An Auto-Stopped Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Utilizing Outlier Information
Tianyang Lv, Taixue Su, Wanli Zuo, and Zhengxuan Wang

#141 State Transfer Graph: An Efficient Tool for Webview Maintenance
Yan Zhang and Xiangdong Qin

Short Paper:










#597 Research Paper Recommender System: A Subspace Clustering Approach

Nitin Agarwal, Ehtesham Haque, Huan Liu, and Lance Parsons

#659 An EJB-based Very Large Scale Workflow System and Its Performance Measurement

Kwanghoon Kim and Hyungjin Ahn


#678 Concept Updating with Support Vector Machine

Yangguang Liu and Qinming He

#683 Deploying PI-calculus Technology in Inter-organizational Process

Abdul Ghafoor Memon, Jianwei Yin, Dong Jinxiang, and Mujeeb-u-Rehman Maree


#689 On the Performance of Feature Weighting K-means for Text Subspace Clustering
Liping Jing, Michael K. Ng, Jun Xu, and Joshua ZheXue Huang

#931 Modulation for Scalable Multimedia Content Delivery
Chi-Hung Chi and Henry Novianus Palit


October 13 ,2005 Afternoon

Parallel Sessions
Session 12
Data Grid and Database Languages
Session 13
Agent and Mobile Data
Session 14
Poster & Demonstration (III)

Limsoon wong
(Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore)

Shengrui Wang
(University of Sherbrooke,Canada)

Ying Li
(Zhejiang University, China)

Huanglong Hall

Wolong Hall

Jingxing Hall


#264 Refined Rules Termination Analysis Through Activation Path
zhongmin xiong and zhongxiao hao

#422 A Heuristic and Distributed QoS Route Discovery Method for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Peng Fu and Deyun Zhang

Short Paper:






#305 Stream Operators for Querying Data Streams
Lisha Ma, Stratis D. Viglas, Meng Li, and Qian Li

#458 Planning Enhanced Grid Workflow Management System based on Agent
Lei Cao, Minglu Li, Jian Cao, and Ying Li


#875 Join Algorithm Using Multiple Replicas in Data Grid
Donghua Yang, Jianzhong Li, and Qaisar Rasool

#668 Reasoning Based on the Distributed ¶¬-PSML
Yila Su, Jiming Liu, Ning Zhong, and Chunnian Liu

Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions
Session 15
Information System
Session 16
Web Services and Workflow (II)
Session 17
Data Management (II)
Dongqing Yang
(Peking University,China)
Yan Jia
(National U of Defence Technology,China)
Jianzhong Li
(Harbin Institute of Technology,China)

Huanglong Hall

Wolong Hall

Jingxing Hall


#119 An Improved Multi-stage (t, n)-threshold Secret Sharing Scheme
Hui-Xian Li, Chun-Tian Cheng, and Liao-Jun Pang

#82 Web Services Composition Based on Ontology and Workflow

Yang Huaizhou, Li Zengzhi, Chen Jing, and Xia Hong


#708 cGridex: Efficient Processing of Continuous Range Queries over Moving Objects
Xiaoyuan Wang, Qing Zhang, and Wei Wang


#191 Information Management in E-learning System

Jing Liu, Li Zheng, and Fang Yang

#281 Web Service Composition Using Markov Decision Processes

Aiqiang Gao, Dongqing Yang, Shiwei Tang, and Ming Zhang

#766 An efficient context modeling and reasoning system in pervasive environment: using absolute and relative context filtering technology
Xin Lin, Shanping Li, Jian Xu, Wei Shi, and Qing Gao


#302 A Stratification-Based Approach to Accurate and Fast Image Annotation

Jianye Ye, Xiangdong Zhou, Jian Pei, Lian Chen, and Liang Zhang

#779 FECT: A Modelling Framework for Automatically Composing Web Services

Lishan Hou and Zhi Jin

#792 Influences of Functional Dependencies on Bucket-Based Rewriting Algorithms

Qingyuan Bai, Jun Hong, Hui Wang, and Michael F. McTear



#816 Intrusion Detection of DoS/DDoS and Probing Attacks for Web Services

Jun Zheng and Ming-zeng Hu

#812 GARWM: Towards a Generalized and Adaptive Watermark Scheme for Relational Data

Tian-Lei HU, Gang CHEN, Ke CHEN, and Jin-Xiang DONG


Conference End-Session